Recently, I was researching home decor trends for a possible trip to China as a buyer for a local furniture store. I tend to keep up to date on whats new in technology and products for the home anyways, but it was interesting to do it while consciously trying to put together themes of emerging trends.

In my research, I visited many popular furniture, and sites, and reviewed collections on decor, fashion, lighting and other sites big and small, and watched video’s made by taste makers and movers and shakers. I was looking for what is next that will last…and most importantly, what would make people happy! Hopefully the Buying trip works out, but either way, I had a lot of fun putting this together. Here is what I found:


Every design(er) pulls from an inspiration and combines visuals, ideas, feelings and materials to create a product.

A few themes that seemed to be the most popular where:


Botanical and Geometric Mash Ups

Just like DJ’s combine unexpected songs to create unique tunes that make you say woww and bop your head, designers are combing combing flora and fauna with geometrical shapes and patterns shows us that technology and nature co-exist to create beautiful art for our homes. I love these pillows by Zeynep of GargaProject on Etsy


With rapidly advancing technology it is no wonder that we are seeing more and more of my next theme:

Sleek, Structured & Delicate

3D printers are very intriguing to me, the options are endless…as long as your imagination is too. I have seen many beautiful and outright amazing designs come to life with the simple click on the “print” button. I personally love how technology is affecting interior design and decor. Here is an example of how 3D printing technology is helping to create sleek, structured and delicate design objects like this lamp from Nervous System. 


Fun and Quirky Science & Space

As technology and science continue to expand our idea of what is possible and what is out there, we will continue to see their influence in our home fashions. Materials and textiles that are laser cut, burned, printed, dyed, stamped and embellished are going to take centre stage and reveal themselves in our home decor items…like these fun hand burned coasters by  on Etsy.

Earth: The Artisan, Ocean and Ecosystems.

While the daily discovery of new stars, planets (that may be habitable!?) and the universe is awe inspiring, Mother Earth and her glory will continue to be a HUGE inspiration for many. How could she not? There are just so many amazing creations and colours and patterns and animals to revel in. And, as the world becomes more connected, we all become more united, which leads us to celebrate cultural diversity. Folk art and the Artisan are shining as brightly as the new stars we keep finding.

The Ocean and it’s ecosystem are a big hit right now, everything from Sea Turtle’s and Coral object’s to massive Shell Planters and Seaweed art.

This is a vast theme and I could go on and on…basically, anything nature, earth, ocean and sky is in. Gemstones like Amethyst and Agate as book ends or coasters, as well as shell planters are very trendy right now. I think they are hear to stay as more and more people learn about the energy natural objects carry and their benefits beyond just looking pretty (more on that in another post).

Another emerging trend is the tropical leaf motif. This get’s me excited because I love bold, lush colours and interiors. I love to design with escapism in mind – and love to create a tropical, beachy vibe.


Metallic, Reflective, Transparent and Opalescent

Ok let’s start with something familiar – Mercury Glass. This has been a huge hit in the decor world – from vases to lighting and all kinds of objects in between. Expect this trend to explore new colour ways over the next year or so. Along with that beautiful old world reflective speckle, look out for all kinds of shinny, iridescent, reflective, and pearly home decor items that ooze glam. Add a splash of rich colour with a traditional form and we get our artisan / global feel and objects that will fit for years to come.


Ok, that’s quite a lot and I have only yet scratched the surface. I didn’t get to colour, textures, the other things that are IN, or whats OUT.

Let me know what you love, are coveting or maybe what you are not into!

My next blog post is going to be about 2014-2015’s Real Home Decor Trend – the one I gathered from all of this research…and it’s the only one that matters! Have an idea of what it might be? Comment below!

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