1) Find a cool branch and hang it between two shelf brackets. Tie some rope or ribbon around it and attach S hooks so you can hang additional items for a chic, layered, cottage look – in the city.

2) Have a lot of shoes and only a little space? Floating shelves work great, but if you don’t have the width to fit them in a hallway, hang pretty moulding and let your shoes become the art. As you can see, it’s also good to hang things like scarves or your outfit for the night.

Paint it the same colour as your wall to make it blend it, or a bright or dark colour for added drama.

3) Up-cycle old steaming baskets to create a feature shelf to show off your favourite things.
You can glue them together using wood glue and then hang by placing a nail under the top centre of two to three of the circles.You can paint or stain these to suit your space as well!

4) There are some pretty cute waste baskets out there – and they can make inexpensive side tables too!

Spray paint and flip! You could also dress it up by having a piece of wood or scrap countertop (maybe from your local Habitat for Humanity) cut in the same diameter, or a 5-10 inches larger for a nice overhang. Glue down with epoxy.

5) Cut some wooden bowls in half and attach them to a piece of wood to create a jewellery, keys or makeup catch all.

You can hang this on a wall with strong velcro, or mount picture hanging hardware on the back. If you’re good with power tools, you can drill two small holes on either corner to hang with nails.

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