Running out of time to decorate or embrace Christmas and holiday cheer? Have no fear – I have put together my top 5 ideas to help save you from Grinchdom.

5-holiday hacks

What do Hippies, Criminals and Scrooges all have in common?

They will all love this holiday round-up of my favourite tips, ticks and hacks for the holiday season. Now, let’s get started!

1. Don’t throw away burned out bulbs! Try painting them with glue and then dipping them with glitter.  They are now little gems you can place anywhere in need of some glimmer!
Here are some ideas for using them:

  1. – Put them in a bowl.
  2. – Scatter on a table around platters.
  3. – Place on plates tied to a name tag for fun placeholders.
  4. – Hang from a chandelier, garland, your ugly sweater, or maybe even your ears!

2. This one is for my fellow Orange Is The New Black fans… it’s the perfect in-prison Christmas craft!

Make Piper proud with this easy and free wreath, which is actually very stylish – a rich minimalist would probably pay you for it.

You may be feeling a little bah humbug about your new Visa bill, but now you have no excuse not to have a wreath to welcome in the good energy that Christmas brings. This is nothing but cut up paper towel / toilet paper rolls and some glue. Oh, and a flower. A dandelion. You can make that out of tissue paper 🙂

You also need your weapon of choice: a blade or scissors.

My recommendation is to lay the inner circle out first, flat, and then start gluing. This will help you keep the shape. You can staple or glue them together.

Now, go search your recycling, turn on Netflix, and work, bitch! 🙂

3. This is another one you can do for free, if you’re okay robbing a cafeteria.Just kidding! I would save and wash spoons after a party – that’s the Big City Hippie thing to do!Make a paper cone and glue the spoons from the bottom up. You might need to trim a few at the top. Hot glue will be your best bet. Spray paint…and sprinkle with glitter. I’m addicted to glitter, I know.

4. No fancy defuser? No problem. Just steam some coniferous clipping with some cinnamon, vanilla extract and ginger to create a warm wintery scent that will waft through your home.

5. Zip ties! Good for more then detaining inmates or tying your self to a tree. Use them to secure decorations and lights to railings. Genius.



Have a VERY MERRY Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice or anti religious pillow fight. What ever your into, I hope you have some fun and cheer decorating and spending time with friends and family. ONE LOVE and Peace On Earth! <3


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