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A friend of mine recently opened a Caribbean Cafe in Ontario. Initially, I was hoping to work on the project, but distance and timing didn’t favor that. Plus, it’s more so a small take out place so there wasn’t much room to even design. But, I did start dreaming about how much fun it would be do design a tropical Caribbean style restaurant. I love bold saturated colours and being reminded of the beach, or feeling like i’m on the beach!


Also, I have noticed another trend in Interiors that comes into play in the Tropical Escape trend – ESCAPISM. Every time I share an image of a place or space that sparks the imagination and tickles the travel bug, they get a lot of love. People seem to really love, if even just for a moment while scrolling on a social network, the idea of somewhere far far away. Some where foreign, tropical, lush….and luxe!


The best part though, you don’t need a pricey plane ticket to a 5 store resort to embrace and live in a space that embodies those qualities. You can add a splash or a whole (white sand) bucket load to your space with the right colours and decor pieces, for a lot less.


I say, buy the ticket too, because you can’t roll around in the waves in your living room. Or maybe there is a carpet for that, too!
Here are some of my favourite finds to inspire you and get you started on your adventure into the jungle, er I mean into inviting the tropical vibe into your space.


Colour and Pattern: Think rich and saturated or bright pastels. Go with patterns that are modern but give a nod to their heritage, whether they originated in Africa or the shores of northern South America, or even parts of Asia. Have fun mixing multiple colours and patterns – in the tropics, the only beige you will see is the sand! Motifs such as birds, sea creatures, fruits, flora and fauna, as well as more geometric patterns all play together to create a tropical vibe. Use a lot of white to keep it feeling fresh and light.
I loved the blue pattern because it reminded me of the giant sea fans I found in Barbados.The Pineapples are just so much fun, and I loved the pink and gold combo! I thought this print would be cool as wall paper or art on the wall.


The lush Jungles of the islands are just as beautiful as the beach – so I loved this rich green leaf print as well.
Incorporate natural elements such as rattan, wood, rope, seagrass and capiz shell in finishes, decor and maybe even a feature wall to acheive a tropical vibe and instantly escape.


The Ocean and it’s ecosystem are a big hit right now, everything from Sea Turtle’s and Coral object’s to massive Shell Planters and Seaweed art are IN! Lucky for us beach lovers, this style never seems to go out and tropical touches always make a space feel easy, breezy and beautiful.



Here are some of my favorite recent finds for decor items that will help you add a beachy splash to your space.


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jeffin cypress rattan coffee tableround rattan ottoman

These two beautiful ottomans would work well in a variety of decor settings, and will add a touch of the tropics instantly to any space. I love how these can be used as coffee tables or even double as seating and foot rests. Go ahead, put your feet up and vibe out to Bob Marley.



French Market Decorative Round Cement Weave ContainerPayson 25" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade (Set of 2)


This is actually a cement plant pot!                      These lamps will add a soft glow while you swim. I mean sit on your couch.





The tropics are know for their gorgeous flora and fauna. Indulge your self with exotic plants and floral arrangements to really up the awe in your soon to be very LUSH home.

Live in the Arctic? Don’t worry, silk flowers can survive any climate…forever 😉 These tropical silks will bring a burst of colour to a console or side table.

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