Decorating for the Holidays helps create some much needed cheer to get us through these dark and dreary winter days. Most of use spend more time indoors, at home, so now is the perfect time to explore your inner artist. Plus, you probably have friends and family coming – and you need something fun to do with them!

Invite a few friends, tell them to bring something tasty or a bottle of wine, and have your self a very merry time crafting salt dough Christmas ornaments together!


This is a great activity for the whole family, it’s easy enough for kids, and fun for creative adults. Last year I hosted my first Christmas Craft Night and due to popular demand, we did it again!

They turned out so well, I thought I should share how I made this pretty, glittery set of decorations for next to nothing.


The Salt Dough Recipe is so easy:

1 Cup Salt 2 Cups Flour 1 Cup Water

Put the flour and salt in the bowl and give a quick mix, then slowly add the water.

Kneed the dough to create a smooth textures, about 5 minutes. The dough should be dry, not sticky. Sprinkle some more flour on your counter top and roll the dough into a ball. Roll it flat, to about 1/4 inch thick using a rolling pin.

You can use cookie cutters, a knife or what ever creative tools you find to cut out your shapes. You can do classic Christmas shapes, or go mod with triangles, circles, or squares.

Like a challenge? How about a snow flake, or a feather? You could also do 3D shapes, like balls, cubes ect.

The dough can be left over night to dry or you can bake them at 200 for 4 hours which will leave you with white dough coloured cookies.


Get creative with your dough! I used a branch and the side of a crystal bowl to create some texture on mine.

I was running out of time – and since I knew we would be painting them, I baked mine at 300 for 30 mins – which left them a little toasted – but hard and dry!


Here are the shapes I made for everyone to choose from.

Don’t forget to make holes BEFORE you bake them. I used a straw and it worked like magic to punch out a small hole at the top of each. I used a flat spatula to lift them off the counter after peeling away excess dough and placed them on flat cookie sheets I greased with a little EVOO.


What else do you need?


And a Whole Lottapenelope-sloan-design-DIY-christmas-Ornaments-Sparkles4

To be honest, this glitter was a bit more then $5 – I bought this amazing Martha Stewart glitter set while it was on sale at Michael’s, and it was still pricey! But, it has lasted me over two years, which is awesome considering I do a lot of sparkling.

You can find everything you need for the project at the dollar store, including the same quality of sparkle, just not all the colours. You can use both acrylic or water colour to paint with, and white glue or Modge Podge to glue your goodies too. Some of the girls used pretty scrap booking papers and plastic jewels on theirs…and you can really stick what ever you fancy to these little guys.

penelope-sloan-design-DIY-christmas-Ornaments-Sparkles7 You can see I kind of have a theme going. I went with classic Christmas Colours this time, which helped me make a matching set. I did six of each kind: Two styles of leaves, both red and gold hearts, red medallions, gold stars, and two styles of white circles.


Pretty! These would look great on a tree, or hang them in a hallway, off a shelf or mantle, or you could even make them into fridge magnets.

I bought these wire hangers from the dollar store, but you can use string, ribbon or fishing line too. penelope-sloan-design-DIY-christmas-Ornaments-Sparkles8

I hope you have a very merry time making these easy DIY ornaments. They make great gifts too!

Happy Holidays and many blessings for a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones!