Home Staging is growing in popularity as a marketing tool for Realtors and Home Sellers, and for good reason – It’s effective!

If you do a little research, you can see that on average, home staging sells homes much faster and for a higher asking price. Although some owners see it as yet another expense, when you take into consideration that it always costs less then dropping the asking price, it can mean not paying additional months mortgages, and the average ROI is 50% and higher, it’s definitely worth it!  I promise, I am not just saying this because I love to stage homes…it’s been proven over and over by industry professionals, myself included!

For example, I staged a condo on Hamilton Street that prior to staging had very little interest, and had been on the market for several months. It was priced comparably to other listings in the building but there was little traction. The owners needed to get it sold, and decided to listen to their realtor who advised staging. I had the home staged within the week, the photo’s were up on the MLS on a Thursday, and Sunday I received an excited phone call from the realtor saying that she had 12 groups of visitors come to see the place on the Saturday. 12 days in, the first offer was submitted, and 18 days later, the house was SOLD!

The majority of properties I have staged have sold in under 2 weeks.

I like to think of staging like this: If you where going to sell your car, you would first get your mechanic to check it out and make sure it was running properly. Then you would take it to get detailed so that potential buyers could not find anything wrong with the car, and therefore would be less likely to make a lower offer. It’s the same for your home, except it’s the most important financial investments most people ever make!

Buyers want to find a home to fall in love with, or, that would make a great investment. As a Stager, I help create a feeling of home that all walks of life can emotionally connect with, while showcasing and highlighting it’s best features and livability.

If you are preparing to sell your home, I would love to offer my services to help you sell it quickly, and for your asking price. I can consult and guide you on the following:

Organization, Clutter & Furniture Layout
Let’s show buyers how spacious your home, and how well it flows from room to room, and create new storage solutions where needed. Staging means we are turning your home into a product, so de-cluttering and removing all non needed items is a must!


Colour Consultation
Choosing a wall colour to appeal to the masses seems easy right? BEIGE! But, which beige…there are about a million variations. Depending on your other finishes, and the lighting in your home, the wrong neutral can throw off the whole home. I recently did a colour correction consultation for a 4000 sq foot home in Anmore, which was gorgeous, but the they had chosen a beige that ended up making the walls look old and dull, like a chain smoker lived there! If you currently have walls painted to your taste, we can help you get your home prepared for sale with a fresh coat of the right paint.


Doing small upgrades or reno’s can add a lot of value to your home. Almost all buyers want a move in ready home. They do not want to do the work themselves, but they are willing to pay more for a home that is clean and up to date. Working with other professionals, I can help with everything from new window coverings, updated lighting and appliances, grout cleaning, small or large repairs and anything in between. And, i’m sure you will enjoy sharing my designer discount and valuable resources to expert tradesmen and sources.


Vacant Homes
Vacant Homes can sometimes show beautifully on their own…but more often than not, people have a really hard time imaging how they would place their furniture in the home, and since it lacks personality, they don’t connect with it. Also, the first place people see your home is ONLINE. Staging brings the crowds. Don’t you want 12 groups of visitors at your first open house?

I stage vacant homes with rented items, or I can purchase the items to sell with the home. In this case, I develop a unique “Welcome Home” package. This is a great option for spaces with strange floor plans that need custom solutions, or downtown condo’s where people who are new to the city are likely to buy. Since they don’t have the time, or know where to start, a move in ready furnished suit is ideal for them!

I love to stage homes because the projects happen quickly, I get to exercise many different creative design and marketing skills, and the reward is so sweet – a home sold quickly and another happy client and realtor!

Here are some recent Kudo’s from a realtor I work with.

Penelope makes my job easier and is a vital part of my team. She is professional, upbeat and makes it happen quickly. She’s also budget conscious and her designs help me attract large numbers of interested buys resulting in multiple offers and a quick sale.

– Dave Jenkins

If you are in the process of preparing your home for sale, I would love to hear from you!

Please contact me with the following details:

Square Footage
List of Rooms
Asking Price
Time Frame


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