Shabby Chic’s easy, elegant and inviting style takes its origins from British homes decorated from the 1900s to 1950s. Shabby Chic is all about understated elegance, and can be achieved easily and inexpensively by combining an array of worn furniture and antique treasures in whites and pale colours.

Comfort, the beauty of imperfections, the allure of time-worn objects and the appeal of simple practical living are the cornerstones of the Shabby Chic Style. Not only is Shabby Chic is an easy look to achieve, it can be very economical and eco-friendly too!

For wood furniture items, faux-paint them (a technique that alternates the use of white glaze or paint and sessions of rubbing and sanding away the top coat, especially around the edges, to the show the wood or base coat). For fabric pieces, choose Cotton or linen in a white, off-white, pastel or pale shade to emphasize the antique look. Throw cushions and quilts in floral or soft prints can add a pretty, feminine touch.

For the windows, create gauzy, breezy drapes using sheer white fabric.

To accessorize, get creative! Flea markets, garage sales or your relatives’ basements are the perfect place to start. Or, simply white wash items you already own! An old door with glass panels can be turned into the top of a coffee table, a framed mirror can become a serving tray and antique tea cups, old glass bottles and canisters make pretty flower vases.

Add light and ambiance in the form of candle holders and a statement chandelier – a must in any space that is chic, shabby or not!

Below are some more tips on how to achieve a shabby chic retreat, and of course, I am always happy to help via a design consultation – just drop me a line!


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