We inherently know that our surroundings and environment play a role in our mood, productivity and lifestyle.

We know a clean space to work means being able to focus better, and a kitchen with the right tools can result in an easy gourmet meal. But have you thought about how your home’s décor and the things you live with are affecting your love life?

A home can give many clues to lifestyle, hobbies, interests and personal story. These visual clues, and the vibe you set in your home can help tell a love interest if you’re a good fit for each other.

Just like your choice in clothing, your home is one of many expressions of who you are and what your all about. And you want to be about good lovin’ and great relationships, right?

Valentines Day is mostly just a marketing gimmick, but it reminds us to celebrate the love in our lives.  That got me asking myself, what can people with their home décor to enhance it’s sex appeal all year long?

Disclaimer: Everyone starts somewhere with their home, so don’t judge a mate on their décor alone. This post is all about how to Design for Love, and will highlight different ways you can improve your existing love life, or help attract someone to share it with (not to make you a house snob). So, after this get to work by following my tips and make your home purrrr with love.


First, let’s just get to the good stuff. SEX – and the bedroom.


Great Bed, Sweet Dreams

Bedding is very important, especially to help get your lover back in it. Invest in high quality sheets, comfortable pillows and a cozy blanket – and treat yourself to sleeping, and sexing in luxury.

Guys, ladies love to be cozy kittens. Soft sheets and a cozy throw blanket are a really good idea. 😉 Here are some examples of furry blankets. I’m pretty sure every gal I know loves these.


Amazing Sexy Bed Eye Candy

eternity bed

PS: I can design a custom version of this bed if you want one. 😉




When choosing a couch, pick one that is big enough to make out on. It’s sometimes tricky to find apartment sized couches with depth enough for two people to comfortably cuddle laying down…but don’t worry, just let me know what you need and I can have one custom made for you for the same price (or less) you would pay in most retail stores! That’s what I like to call a #DesignerHookUp.




Complimentary Lighting

Invest in multiple sources of lighting so you can set the mood.

Bob Marley was on to something when he told us to “Turn the lights down low”…Having control, and options for your lighting mean you have the power to set the mood – and let love come tumbling in. It’s ideal to have a few options for lighting, like candles, bedside lamps or sconces, and a dimmer on as many lights as possible.

Light dimmers offer flexibility in that area in-between, giving you just the right level of brightness as dictated by a given situation or desired mood. Use the power of light to create a romantic, sexy setting.

Dimmer Crush: Make James Bond proud with this super slick universal remote dimmer. 

Your house has a vibe, make it good.


Space To Share Experiences In

Developing a strong connection is another important way to enhance your love life and relationship. Creating a space at home that enhances or enables you to enjoy your time there is important. A comfortable sofa that is big enough to cuddle…and make-out on is a great place to start. A set dinning table where you can enjoy a romantic dinner and participate in uninterrupted conversation is another.

When you give your space a little love in how you set it up so it caters to your interests, you get more of the good life.

When planning at home date nights, think about how you can improve your living and dinning room to enhance the experience. Maybe you need a whole new couch, or maybe just a few cushions and a cozy throw to get it cuddle ready.


Set up your bedroom with a champagne table and breakfast tray for a romantic breakfast in bed stay-cation. Everyone feels frisky on vacation, right?


Ok I know this is a long post for us 7 second attention span people….but I have a few more awesome tips left!



Power Couple

Decorate in pairs. This helps attract a lover, and helps to strengthen the bond once you find one. You can use pairs of candles, crystals (rose quartz and amethyst are best) or animals that are known to stay together in the wild.




Enhance Romance

Place peonies and light candles in your romance sector of your bedroom. (Usually the south west corner) to stimulate your romantic ju-ju.



Colour Therapy

Decorate with red toned accents to activate the Fire Element and heat things up!
Paint walls ivory, beige, or brown to create a soothing, comfortable environment. Like the earth element the represent, these colours will help you create a strong foundation.


Activate Sound, Smell and Taste.

A sensually scented room spray can elevate your mood. A diffuser is a great way to scent a room. Try blends with sensual classics like rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, bergamot and neroli to sniff your way to bliss. Choose natural oils – chemicals are bad Feng Shui.


A sexy playlist can do wonders to set the mood, and nothing is cuter or sexier when your lover whispers the sweet lyrics like they were written just for you.
Why not bring a box of chocolates to your bed side drawer for a seductive treat. There are some pretty fun edible products out there too, like chocolate body paint.




home spa

Fill a tray with nice candles and massage oils to keep on your bedside table or dresser to encourage at home spa treatments and romantic rub downs. 


And last but not least….


Create Space For a Partner

If you are single, make room for someone else. A purge or re-organization can mean a little space in the closet or drawer for you love interests comfy pants and lingerie. If your serious about finding the love of your life, make sure you have room for them. If your bed only fits you…you won’t be having any sexy sleepovers until you change that.



Ok that’s it, lovers. I hope your inspired to make your home a sexy beast.

If you have any questions, feedback, stories to share, or ideas add me on facebook and send me a msg!


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