Summer is just around the corner, and if your like me, your thinking that it’s time to kick all those cheese croissants to the curb (ok, I admit, I will never kick the cheese croissants, they are like crack to me) and replace them with healthy snacks to get your body ready for the beach! Phew, back on track, almost got up to go buy a cheese croissant. Mmmm cheesy melty pastry…ahh! Not again…where was I?

Oh yea….healthy snacks. I’m actually pretty excited about these. Because you know what else is awesome? DIP and SAUCE. And all of these suggestions have dip or sauce.

So it’s getting to be that time where you start to find your self in parks, lounging in your yard, at a friendly gathering or at the beach.  And I found the perfect way to stay dippin’ all summer long. The healthy way.

Ready for how? This is how!


I love these Mason Jar snack adapters I found on Amazon – they have little lips that rest on the top of the jar, you screw on the lid and TADA, it’s a super hip bento box.

If you want to be really fancy or custom, check out all these amazing jars that will fit the lid set.

These are so great for so many types of snacks. I don’t know about you, but I have a bunch of mason jars and this is such a genius accessory for them! Right now, I mostly use mason jars as storage for my pantry items, and for my breakfast quinoa.

Anyways, let’s talk snacks!

Mediterranean by the Sea

Hummus and Tzatziki are both healthy and delicious dips. Hummus if full of protein and keeps you full, while Tzatziki is made with yoghurt and has digestion helping probiotics. Both are low fat and oh so good with cucumbers, carrots, celery and pretty much all other veggies. OPA!

Put your hummus in the top and an entire chopped cucumber or carrots in the bottom.


Cookies and Creme de Coco

Ok, so I don’t do Milk, but you can. Bake your favourite cookies and dip in milk or my fav, coconut milk! I like to add a little vanilla extract, too.


Chopped Salad Splendor

Any greens or your favourite raw veggies in the bottom of the jar, while homemade dressing hangs out above till you’re ready to pour over, close the lid and shake.

Berry Parfait

Chill a jar of berries, granola or both and store yogurt up above til you’re ready to enjoy. No soggy granola!


Create an instantly chic picnic scenario with just one blanket and a jar of your favorite chevre and grapes!

Mango Madness

To satiate your sweet cravings in the afternoon, store this snack in your work fridge: fill the jar with slices of fresh mango and keep protein-rich Greek yogurt in the top.

Noodle Bowl

Cook up a quick batch of buckwheat soba noodles and store below with Thai peanut sauce above ready to shake and enjoy for a light lunch.

An {Organic} Apple a Day

Slice an apple or two, throw in the jar and fill the top with almond butter. I love that you can throw just the one jar in a tote and it’s ready to go!

Quinoa Queen

Throw an oil-less citrus or vegan Caesar dressing in the top and a blend of quinoa, beans and salad greens down below.

Pop a Cherry…in yo’ mouth.

Stash a jar full of cherries in your bag. Eat the fruit from the bottom, throw the stems & pits in the top.


Hope that last one wasn’t to R rated for your dirty little mind!  (sorry not sorry!) ha.



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