I am Happy and Honoured to be named Urban Barn’s Next Top Designer!

Wow! What an amazing experience to have been chosen to be a part of! First, thank you to Urban Barn or the opportunity. 2nd, WOOOOWHOOOO I WONN!!

Here are some pics of my winning design. Below, my facebook post, which I wrote after winning, which sums up the experience and what it meant to me.

“I feel so HAPPY!! And proud of myself!! I work so freakin’ hard, and everyday I take little steps towards being the best person and designer I can be…me winning Urban Barns Next Top Designer is about way more then the HomeShow and a living room to me. It’s a an accumulation of countless hours of reading and exploring, learning, trying, failing, persevering and making it work…to building my network and marketing my self and having genuine connections with so many people that in turn resulted in enormous support. Today is a reminder that every tiny step I take, every doodle, idea, email and observation all count, and are starting to result in bigger and better things… and it’s a huge reinforcement that I am really doing ME, and even though it was challenging, and being an entrepreneur and sometimes no knowing how your going to eat is constantly challenging, I LOVE what I do! I worked 35 hours this weekend and had a BLAST in my booth every second of it!! I have 16 pages of emails and met around 700 Hundred people!! This only inspires me to work harder and become better. I am so happy and grateful I am what I constantly choose to be, a happy designer. —feeling excited.”

Check out this feature on Vancity Buzz which talks more about my design and the contest.

Thanks to everyone who came and voted for me – I won with over 700 votes!

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