I love Halloween, and this year was an extra creative one for me. I always make my costume, since I love to be creative, and I get to play around with fashion and fantasy to create my look. This year, I heard about a huge party with 72 themed rooms that an old co-worker, Max, was planning. I met with Max to chat decor and find out more, and he offered me a room to design. I was given a $300 budget and other then that, could basically do what ever I wanted as long as I did not ruin the walls.

I have always been fascinated with Egypt, and thought it would be a great theme to play with as far as decor. I also had an idea of dressing up as Isis, the Egyptian Goddess, so it seemed like a great fit….and so the idea of Isis’s Tomb began to come to life!

Here are pics of the room and process.


The party was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to do more projects like this – event design makes me happy!

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