Summer is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to prep your outdoor living areas for fun like breakfast in the sun, a book in the shade, or a backyard BBQ with friends.


Here are my top tips to create a better, cozy, functional or fun outdoor space to enjoy alone or with friends and family.



Outdoor lighting adds functionality and beauty, and there are some great options to set the mood.


  • You can use solar powered lamps along walk ways, in your garden, or in the planters on your balcony.
  • Candles in lanterns will add a beautiful glow to your night time hangouts, and you can either hang them or place them where ever you need more light.
  • Strings of light are not only for christmas! There are tons of fun options, from chili peppers to flowers, that will put some twinkle on your patio.
  • Replacing your existing (and maybe outdated) outdoor fixtures always breathes new life into a front porch or back yard. Choose something you love – innovation in outdoor lighting styles and selections has come a long way over the last few years.




Bring the Living Room Outside

Gone are the days of metal and plastic patio sets being the only option – today people are using moor indoor styled furniture in their outdoor spaces to create a cozy, living room feel.


  • Bring out your rocking chair and coffee table to enjoy on a covered porch.
  • Outdoor carpets and pillows have also come a long way….there are so many beautiful colours and patterns to choose from.
  • Use oversized pillows and small stools to create a lounge area on the floor.






Get creative with your outdoor decor, and use colour, pattern and texture to create a unique space that is truly you.

colorful-bistro-table_gal simon bevan

  • Hang fabric on bamboo posts (secured in the ground or in a planter) to create a colourful canopy over your dinning area.
  • Hang a cool mirror, on old wheel, or an artful planter on the exterior wall.
  • Sculptures or a bird bath that suite your style will help give your space personality.
  • Lush plants add a lot beauty too – try a small tree or climbing vines to create shade and visual interest.herb garden verticle patio
  • Fountains and water features can help create a serene oasis.
  • Screen wind and lend privacy to your deck with inexpensive treated-wood or plastic lattice walls. Flowering climbers soften their look and add color.
  • Hang baskets full of edible flowers, and create a vertical herb wall to add colour and create an easy to maintain garden for fresh flavour all summer long.



  • There are some pretty cool innovations with click / snap in patio flooring which allow you to quickly change up the look of your patio. These are ideal for condo’s with patio’s covered in vinyl flooring, which tends to look dull and breeds green slim.
  • You can also buy a big piece of fake grass, which adds a hit of green and instantly freshens up the space in a fun way. (Don’t forget a flamingo or two!) Or, buy a smaller piece and use it as a rug define the seating area. This can also be cut in cool shapes!
  • If you have a wood deck, new paint or stain can refresh and renew it’s look. Have some fun with colour and if your bold, why not do a strip of two in a complimentary colour.




For more patio inspiration, tips and idea’s, be sure to check out our pinterest board, Live Outside – which we will be updating all summer long!





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