Michael Thomas Host is the founder and owner of MTH Woodworks, and an avid outdoors man. As a true B.C. boy, he adores the outdoors, and has been creating beautiful furniture and art inspired by the great West Coast.
Host has naturally drawn much of his inspiration from the surrounding forest habitat. Summers spent riding his bike in the hills, and winters spent snowboarding in the mountains, Michael has developed a deep and profound appreciation of nature.
At one point in his life, Host spent four years training as a yacht builder abroad, and he gained much valuable experience with resins and epoxies. His journey then took him to Brooklyn, New York where he dove headfirst into custom furniture building and large-scale wood installations, constantly acquiring new techniques along the way. The year 2002 saw Michael’s return to the West Coast, as he continued his professional development managing a local wood-working shop.
I had the privilege of interviewing Host, who is part of the Whole New Home Community, at his East Vancouver Studio. We spoke about materials, achievements and seafood linguini!

Just one of his many beautiful art pieces.
The Bloom wall art line offers a new and exciting way to bring a piece of outside, inside. Made from West Coast cedars, each one-of-a-kind piece displays a unique aspect of the rich natural history of B.C. – by showcasing the natural timeline in its wisdom rings. If you’re into Feng Shui, these carry strong wood energy that can help you with personal growth, new beginnings, nourishment and abundance. 

The Bloom Series features salvaged stumps that find a second life as functional art.

Mr. Michael Thomas Host aka MTH Woodworks


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MTH also produces handcrafted furniture like benches, cabinets, and whatever else you want!



Let’s explore his shop!

Thanks so much to Host for the great interview and shop tour!

If you’re interested in owning an MTH original, contact him at contact@mthwoodworks.com and tell him Penelope sent you!

If you’re looking for an interior designer to help you determine a decor strategy, I would love to assist in collaborating with Mike!  You can email me at ps@penelopesloan.com.
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