I am excited to announce the Grand Opening of my new space at 620 East Broadway Street in Vancouver.

Last year, I decided it was time to take my business to the next level and find a space to really create in – something better then my living room! I found myself an inexpensive studio space in a shared artist studio near my old house. It was great in many ways, but I know that it wasn’t IT. It wasn’t all I dreamed of…

So, being the day dreamer / visualizer that I am….I doodled my perfect layout, my perfect space…and everything I wanted to be able to do in there. I wanted a store front, I wanted a back room to create in, an area to do photoshoots in…and somewhere I could also host events like pop up markets and creative workshops.

After I made the layout / floor plan sketch…I thought ok cool, 3 year goal. I need WAY MORE MONEY to make this dream happen. But then, out of no where, this space was literally given to me. A friend of my dad who is an artist was giving away some art supplies, and my Dad asked if I wanted some. I said YES (duh) and headed over to meet Les.

Les has been an artist for decades, and he told me he was moving on to other life ventures. He said, why don’t you take this place over. You can have it if you want. The landlord doesn’t know i’m planning to leave yet so you can call him and take over the lease. UMM OK?!?!?! Is it that simple? What if the landlord is like nahhh, we want to rent it for more to someone random…but to my surprise, my awesome new landloard was cool with it!

I called my friend Kate, from Plenty+Spare naturals, who I knew was looking for a new space, and was like HEY GIRLLL HEYY, move in here with me and let’s make MAGIC!! This space will be:

  • A Space for Kate and I to Create – Soap, Natural Body Products, Candles, Art, Products.
  • A Space to Sell our Creations & The Creations of Other Local (and beyond) Artisans, Artists and Makers.
  • A Fun Place to Host a POP-UP Store, Creative Workshop, Art Show or Event.
  • The Penelope Sloan Design Office Headquarters – Offering a Slew of Creative Services (Graphic + Interior Design, Creative Consulting)

My plan is to host a MONTHLY Themed Party that would launch a new currated collection of art + design + lifestyle products, everything from gourmet goodies to bikini’s.

The first theme is PASSION. I chose this theme because, well, it is PASSION that fuels me. I’m a passionate designer, and a passionate person. I LOVE TO LOVE things. And I’m opening shop right in time for the most PASSIONATE Day of the year…Valentine’s Day!

For this event I will be selling my Massage Candles, Plenty+Spare Soaps, Unicorn Dreams Jewelry, Art Photography by LizRosa, Neon Hearts by Endeavour Neon and more…

So, I invite you to come check out my new space, have a drink, have some tea, take a boo at the curated selection of PASSION inspired goodies!

PSD the Vision (aka Nelavision hehe)

I want design and create things. I want to make a positive impact in my own little way. Art and activism are in my blood, so it only makes sense that my business does both of those things!

By hosting monthly Art+Design Pop Ups,
my goal is to:

– Make Art Parties Super Cool! Come mingle and meet new friends, find a treasure, or just appreciate the mix!
– Make Art and Design, and the Artists and Designers more accessible to more people.
– Build and Strengthen Community.
– Advocate for and Support Great Social Causes….more on that later!




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