I am so excited and blessed to have been chosen as a finalist for the 2013 Urban Barn’s Next Top Designer Competition!

My amazing mother showed me an article in the newspaper when they where looking for entries, and so I dropped what I was doing to create a pinterest board to show the judges what my signature style is all about. When I searched to see who else had entered, there where over 50 boards! A lot of them where really nice! I wasn’t worried though, I decided to put in a little extra time and wrote under each pin why I had chosen it, and how it reflected my style. I also made sure to include images of my own work, since that is the best way to show what I am all about.

Then, one day I got a glorious email saying I was a finalist! WHOOOOOOOOOOPPPPP!!! The extra effort paid off, as it usually does! There is a saying that inspires me when I am feeling lazy or tired…”Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded there.” I am not a fan of crowds anyways, so it works for me! Plus, I know my hard work is going to pay off in the best way possible, by allowing me to fulfil my goals and ultimately create the beautiful life I am designing for myself.

Next we had a fun little interview and video shoot with the creative director, Sebastian. We each had to blindly choose a colour way, and a design style. I got Citrus and Rural Retreat! The perfect challenge for me!  Check out the promo video below.


As I am writing this, we are less then one week away! All my furniture and accessories are selected. Now, I am working on marketing collateral, and a big surprise to really blow people away and showcase my skills and creativity!

This is the inspiration board I created that features some of my key selections.

Urban Barn's next top designer penelope sloan Layout-01

My goal is not only have the best booth of the 3, but to have the best booth in the entire show!

The Home Show is Oct 17th-20th at BC Place. Tickets can be bought for $15 at the door. It is a great place to connect with industry professionals who can help you with everything from AC Units and Gutters to Interior Design and Home Staging (like me!)

Make sure you visit my booth and VOTE NELA!!

Here is the pinterst board that got me in!


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